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Jane Hicks
Jason Liccardi
Even as a newcomer to the world of writing and publishing, Jane Hicks knows not every author wakes up one morning with an idea fully formed and ready to be told and while it may simple be the extremely good fortune of a new author, that’s exactly what, happened to Hicks.

“I just woke up one morning with the story completely in my head,” said the Michigan native. “I went over to the computer, sat down and poured out my personal experience for a good two hours. When I was done, so was the story.

“To be honest,” said Hicks, “I cried pretty much the entire time I was writing because I was relieving all of the pain of the family break-up that I had witnessed in my own life. I have the unquestionable belief that this book is a gift, a healing answer, for my family and hopefully other families as well.

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For Kent State University at Trumbull sophomore and Visual Communication 
Design major Jason Liccardi, art is in his blood. 

 “My grandfather was an artist, and so was my dad,” said Liccardi on the eve of seeing his first commercial work come to life, “but never anything like this. The majority of their works were just for the family. I guess I can say I’m the most successful of the three!”

 Earlier this past summer, Liccardi was chosen by Kent State Trumbull associate art professor Phillip Buntin as a nominee to provide illustrations for Michigan-based author Jane Hicks first book, The Magic Potion: A True Fairy Tale with a Happy Ending, which is now available through Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. 

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